Neurological Conditions



Acupuncture can be quite beneficial in the treatment of symptoms related to many neurological conditions. Whether you have had a stroke, traumatic brain injury or condition such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, or peripheral neuropathy, acupuncture may provide relief to some symptoms. Treatment is most effective in the early stages of neurological conditions, but can be beneficial even after several years for some symptoms.


In this clinic, I use a combination of the more commonly used acupuncture techniques along with specialized scalp acupuncture. Scalp acupuncture, which utilizes thin short needles inserted just under the skin on the head, is especially effective for these conditions. Studies indicate that acupuncture causes the brain to release endorphins and neurotransmitters to areas of the body. Scalp acupuncture seems to be especially effective as the needles are placed on areas of the head which correspond with the affected areas on the body.  (see scalp acupuncture section on this website for more information)

 In my clinic, I have found the combined use of acupuncture and scalp acupuncture to help improve symptoms of neurological disorders and pain such as:

·        Overall improved mood

·        Reduction of tremor

·        Improved mobility

·        Cognitive improvement

·        Improved range of motion

·        Pain reduction

·        Improved sleep

·        Reduction of numbness and tingling in cases of peripheral neuropathy


The degree of improvement varies depending on the individual, severity and duration of symptoms and treatment course. Treatment in many of these conditions will involve patient homework, which may include individualized exercises, breathing or relaxation techniques, or changes in diet or eating habits. Family participation at home is encouraged and sometimes necessary for best rehabilitation.


Frequency of treatment for neurological conditions also varies. Certain acute conditions of short duration such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury often require two or more treatments per week to get the greatest and quickest benefits. More chronic conditions of longer duration may require only one or two treatments per week for relief of symptoms.